The term “luxury real estate” has always been coined traditionally for residential real estate however Ric Davis’ clients have always been involved with high-end luxury commercial (LCRE) throughout Los Angeles. From Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Downtown to the beach cities of Santa Monica and Malibu we have represented luxury brands in fashion retail, fitness, tech companies corporate offices, restaurants, and specialty retailers to name a few.

All of these luxury brands require a certain level of understanding their level of luxury to adapt their business goals and their client's needs. In a world where luxury is used too frequently and less valued it requires a true understanding of the difference between luxury and the to experience the luxury of commercial real estate.
We create successful, memorable, and positive experiences by going beyond expectations both in personal interactions and in business outcomes. Ethics, integrity, and empathy guide every single interaction and define our service style with clients and colleagues.

When working with the Ric Davis team you are assured to experience the ultimate in representation in all luxury real estate services. We match the traditional approach of conserving funds with the modern style of comfortability and find a midlevel that gives you the best taste.

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