Luxury Residential Sales

We believe that marketing luxury that includes the handling of our client's private residences, homes, and estates with the same care, understanding, and commitment as in every real estate transaction. As every asset has complexity each requires a focused, aggressive, carefully planned method — and very different marketing tools — than an old-fashioned, traditional real estate agency provides.

Our network of contacts and clients includes a discerning and diverse group of high net worth individuals — founders of corporations, entrepreneurs, high-level executives, corporate directors, celebrities, professional athletes, investment administrators, film producers, and owners of a wide variety of privately-held companies and professional practices.
We are well-respected and known in the circles that matter to our clients — for the dedicated expertise, privacy, concierge-level service, loyalty, and attention to detail that we provide to each client.

Our team of advisors works together to ensure that no matter what the asset class is that we will always approach each property with the commitment of developing the innovative, discreet, and greatly efficient marketing programs for each remarkable property. The lasting bonds we enjoy with our clients echo the results we’ve been able to accomplish for them.

As a licensed Real Estate Broker in many multiple states with nationwide reciprocal licensing in place, our firm is licensed to practice and work within a qualified network to assist and serve clients virtually anywhere in the US.
In addition to specialized luxury real estate private brokerage and marketing, we provide a full complement of other real estate services planned to meet the unique needs of owners of significant properties and high net worth individuals.
These include the following:

  • Comprehensive luxury real estate marketing, advisory brokerage, and services
  • Prepare estimates of market and competitive market analyses (CMA) value.
  • Reposition properties which have been advertised unsuccessfully
  • Conduct private offerings by client request
  • Buyer representation; includes supporting clients in identifying, appraising and acquiring estates and luxury homes throughout the US
  • Handle real estate-related public relations issues and inquiries from the media
  • Liaison with clients’ legal, trust, financial, and tax advisors on real estate matters
  • Serve as a real estate consultant to private foundations and family trusts
  • Serve as straw-party or nominee titleholder for asset protection commitments
  • Manage the perennial care of estates, vacation properties, and landholdings, throughout the US
  • Develop and manage income-producing leasehold and leases interests
  • Liaison with clients’ tax advisors to develop capital gains tax and property tax reduction strategies
  • Manage market analysis, land planning, valuation, zoning, engineering, and agency approvals for the conservation or development of open land. Includes obtaining all necessary development authorizations and negotiating private and public land conservation easements and rights-of-way
  • Liaison with land trusts, community groups, preservationists and supervisory agencies on land development, ownership, and historic preservation or open space conservation issues
  • Manage and Negotiate donations of historic preservation, façade, and land conservation easements
  • Assist with long-term preparation for the continued ownership or disposition of significant properties

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